Do you love to knit? Are you passionate about knitting for charity? Or, you would like to know more about knitting for charity -- worthwhile charities to knit for, free patterns you can use for charity knitting projects, great new techniques, information about yarn or supplies, and so on?

If so, you have come to the right place!

At Knitting for Charity, we love to use our favorite hobby to benefit people in need all over the country and the world. And what better way to help others through our needles than to share what we find with you, fellow knitters and would-be knitters?

Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Nicole Haschke. As you may know, Nellie the Knitting Nut and her friend Kitty originally started this website. They took on Kyla Quinlan, who then took over the website.

I was a member of Kyla's team for a few years. She decided to move on to other endeavors, and she asked me to take it over. I am now the sole flag-carrier for this illustrious site! 

So, let me share a little bit about myself. I've been knitting for almost as long as my younger daughter has been alive! When she was about 4 months old, I received a gift from a fellow knitting friend. She sent me a box full of yarn, needles, and a cute little "Learn to Knit" book. 

I gave it a try one day while baby was napping, and I was hooked immediately! My first project was a little change purse with a button. Then I made a small bag. Next I made myself a scarf. I couldn't stop knitting!

A year or two later, I discovered charity knitting. I was so happy to find a way to combine my newest obsession with a way to help people. I especially loved it because it meant that I could use my meager resources to do not only something I loved, but also something that could help make the world a better place.

A few years later I joined Kyla's team, and the rest is proverbial history.

Here's a little more about me: I now live in Oklahoma after living most of my life in Ohio. I'm married, and we have two beautiful girls. My collective pet name for them is "the girlios." Our family is rounded out by our dog, Winnie, a black terrier mix who loves nothing better than to climb into my lap while I'm trying to knit! (I love her anyway, though.)

Aside from knitting and writing, my hobbies include tennis (both watching and playing), social media, and dyeing my hair crazy colors. I enjoy volunteering at both girlios' schools, and I lead children's worship at our church.

I just love this website! I really enjoy sharing with all of you the many wonderful charities available to knit for, as well as free patterns, ways to save money on knitting, and tips on how to make your knitting even better and more fun. I am so thankful to all our subscribers and visitors who have done so much to help others by knitting for charity.

Here is just a little bit of the feedback we have received from some wonderful charities:

From our Friends at The Humble Stitch

Folks, one person I forgot to thank - someone essential to our success - was Kyla at Knitting for Charity. An astounding 35% of traffic to our website came from her wonderful, positive article about The Humble Stitch. Thank you, Kyla!

From Steve at Kids Knits

I am Steve, the father of Ellie, who is the founder of KidKnits. We have been noticing a steady flow of traffic to our website, ever since the blog post was made, and we wanted to express our thanks... We appreciate what you are doing through your blog, and would love to know if we could help you in any way.

From Christine at Knots of Love

Hi! This is a fabulous piece!! I can't thank you enough for writing it. As you know we donate over 3,000 caps per month and if I had more caps I could EASILY donate them. I am certain we will garner many move volunteers because of this magnificent mention. Thank you so very very much!!

From Lora at Outreach to Appalachia

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for featuring my group in your newsletter! We have grown by leaps and bounds since it has come out and people have found us. I have such a heart for the people of Appalachia and the poverty that they suffer daily that it is awesome to have so many new helping hands! I am forever thankful. Have a blessed day!

In short, you'll find the answers to just about ALL of your questions about knitting for charity - how great the need is, the variety of projects you can get involved in, what kinds of yarn to use, how to save a ton of money knitting for charity... and much, much, more!

So explore these pages. I know you'll find something to get started knitting right away...

Soothe and Comfort Frightened Children through Knitting Charity Loveys for Levine's Little Lambs

Loveys for Levine's Little Lambs is a sweet charity knitting and crochet program designed by Pam, a woman whose own son was hospitalized for a significant period of time. She knows firsthand how frightening it can be for a child to spend time in a hospital.

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How to Join Yarn in Knitting: Part II, Get Joining

In the first post of this series on joining yarn, we discussed why knotting isn't a good way to add more yarn to your knitting project, and when you should join yarn. Now it's time to get to the meat of this series with a whole slew of great ways to join yarn!

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Knitting for Charity for Warmth & Comfort in Ohio: Luba's Blanket

About 4 years ago, I discovered the knitting charity Luba's Blanket. In 2005, this wonderful charity was formed to help the children victims of two terrible hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Since then, Luba's Blanket has evolved into a multi-armed program that reaches out to meet many different needs - some medical, some more personal and emotional.

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Feel The Force with Star Wars-Themed Free Knitting Patterns

As of this writing, the latest film entry into the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens, has been released onto DVD (at least in the United States). I have a feeling that most, if not all, of my readers know of someone who absolutely loves Star Wars.

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Offer Comfort to Bereaved Families with Charity Knitting through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a nonprofit organization in Colorado that provides "remembrance photography." It is a sad fact of life that sometimes, babies die shortly after they are born. Even more unfortunate is that too many times, the families of these babies have nothing to remember them by.

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How to Join Yarn in Knitting: Part I, an Introduction

One of the many wonderful answers I received from the recent survey I asked readers to complete suggested more "how-to" articles. One reader specifically requested a "how-to" article on joining yarn. I think I know which reader made that request (insert wink-face here), but regardless I think it's a great idea.

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Welcoming Military Babies with Charity Knitting: Operation Little Feet

Recently I posted about a military knitting charity called Operation Gratitude. It just so happens that I've found yet another military knitting charity, and this one is for their babies.

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